Isfahan Birth Cohort


  1. Establishing an integrated multi-centre network of population-based birth cohorts in areas representing cultural and contextual variations in Iran.
  2. Developing standardised protocols for data collection, maintenance, and analysis tailored for Iranian population with the prospect of future international collaborations.
  3. Recruiting the participants, collecting the data, managing, cleaning, and harmonizing collected data and maintaining collected bio-samples.
  4. Conducting a pilot study to evaluate feasibility, required time and resources, and the potential for unexpected practical issues, and improving project protocol accordingly.
  5. Continuing stuff training and quality control throughout the project.
  6. Educating a new generation of high-calibre MSc and PhD students across different disciplines covered by the project.
  7. Establishing an interdisciplinary network of in-house and international scientists covering different aspects of this multidisciplinary project to identify knowledge gaps and research priorities, provide advice on scientific aspects of the project, and evaluate the progress of the project.
  8. Disseminating the results in scientific community and translating and communicating the findings with general public as well as interested stakeholders including policymakers.